7digital to drive the Galaxy S 4's Music Hub, ship on 100 million phones in 2013

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If you've shopped at Samsung's Music Hub, there's a good chance that you've used 7digital's music services at some point: it's been involved in supplying songs for the past two generations of Galaxy flagships. That influence is carrying on to the Galaxy S 4, where 7digital will handle the Music Hub's storefront and purchased track streaming. While the deal doesn't represent a radical break for either side, it does give Samsung some odd bedfellows this time around -- 7digital is also operating music stores for BlackBerry 10 and Ubuntu One, and its apps have regularly surfaced on HTC devices and various Windows Phone models. Ultimately, 7digital expects its music shopping backbone to reside on more than 100 million smartphones before 2013 is over and done. That's no mean feat when the limelight often falls on music service rivals that insist on putting their names front and center, such as Amazon, Apple or Spotify.

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7digital to be pre-installed on 100 million smartphones shipping in 2013 – including Galaxy S4

· 7digital selected for a third time as music partner for Samsung's flagship smartphone
· Music streaming sees significant growth, increasing tenfold in the past 12 months.

London, UK, 15 March 2013 – 7digital, the leading open digital music platform, today announces the company's technology is powering Samsung's MusicHub app, which comes pre-installed on all Galaxy S4 smartphones.

This latest partnership means over 100 million smartphone devices will ship with 7digital-powered music apps installed during 2013, including the Galaxy S4, BlackBerry 10, HTC and Windows Phone handsets. 7digital has been selected for a third time as the music partner for Samsung's flagship smartphone, following similar partnerships at launch of the Galaxy S3 and S2 phones.

The MusicHub app allows Galaxy S4 users to browse, preview and purchase music from 7digital's 23 million strong track catalogue. Purchased music is stored in the cloud and can be automatically synced with multiple devices, and stored locally for offline listening. The app also allows users to stream 7digital's full catalogue direct to their smartphone, and access radio stations based on favourite artists.

Music streaming has seen significant growth during 2013. 7digitial has seen a tenfold increase in tracks streamed from the 7digital API in the past year, with the figure set to rise to hundreds of millions of streams by the end of 2013. The quality of music streaming has been improved through the use of Dolby Pulse technology, which reduces consumer and carrier bandwidth usage and results in faster music access on all data plans.

"We're well known for delivering a high-quality digital music download experience globally, in partnership with many leading companies including Samsung" comments Ben Drury, CEO at 7digital. "High growth of the mobile sector led us to expand our open music platform and technology, and we're now powering a diverse range of mobile digital music services - including radio and on-demand subscription streaming. We're witnessing huge growth across the international markets we're operating in, in both streaming and downloading of legal music."

MusicHub is a free app pre-installed on a range of Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S4. A monthly subscription is required to access streaming services.

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