Skype for Windows Phone 8 gets HD video, People Hub integration in latest update

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Skype for Windows Phone 8 gets HD video, People Hub integration in latest update

Avid Skype video users on Windows Phone 8, now is the time to get your hair did -- HD video is now possible employing "higher-end" WP8 devices, such as the Lumia 920, HTC 8X, and Samsung Ativ S. "Lower end handsets" will have to settle for VGA video, though Microsoft says call quality across the board was improved in update 2.4. All WP8 handsets will enjoy People Hub integration, meaning you can jump right into Skype calls from your contacts list, rather than having to independently open the app. And should a friend need to use your phone to Skype a buddy in Belgrade, account switching is now integrated into the main menu. The update is of course free, and available right now in the Windows Phone store. Head past the break for the full list of updates.

New and changed features:

  • Higher quality video calling, and up to 720P on supported devices and depending on network conditions
  • Video calling in landscape mode
  • Camera switching
  • Enabled People Hub integration
  • Switch accounts

Fixed issues:

Category Description
Notifications Incoming IM and call notifications, and staying Available, were not reliable when the app was closed
People Hub integration Skype contacts not listed in the People Hub
Notifications from Messenger contacts Incoming IM notifications were not shown if message was sent from a Messenger contact sign into Skype for Windows 8
Availability Some Messenger contacts were not showing online

Known issues:

Category Description Workaround
Picture in picture may not display during all video calls For some video calls you may not see your own preview Go back to the Skype home screen, and then return to the video call – your preview should display
Notifications for messages from Messenger contacts Notifications for messages from Messenger contacts are off by default to avoid you getting two notifications if you're also logged into Message Hub In the app tap your profile picture, go to notifications in the menu and turn on Messenger notifications
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