Gas Powered Games working on mystery MMO

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.21.13

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Gas Powered Games working on mystery MMO
Gas Powered Games working on mystery MMO
With the recent acquisition of Gas Powered Games by, we have been wondering what direction the Age of Empires Online studio would be taking. According to a new interview on Gamasutra, CEO Chris Taylor says that the team has moved on to work on an untitled MMO.

This mystery MMO is still in the early stages, Taylor said: "We're just getting going on it, and there's a lot of groundwork to do. But we're barreling ahead."

Calling it a "big free-to-play MMO under the Wargaming name," Taylor said the game has fired back up the studio and allowed the re-hiring of laid-off employees. He also said that has been a "great match" for Gas Powered Games.
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