Evernote 5 hits Android with revamped camera, shortcuts and tweaked UI

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Evernote has finally brought its Android client up to par with its iOS counterpart, pushing it to version five. The update, which just hit the Play store, includes a mild face lift that offers more contrast between notes and other UI elements, as well as a few new icons with a bit more depth and detail. The visual tweaks aren't particularly exciting, though. What has us rushing for the update button are all the new features, like the completely revamped camera interface. You can now take several images and add them all to a note in one shot. While a dedicated "page" camera helps you get the best results when snapping photos of hand-written missives by boosting contrast and removing shadows. Of course, the company thinks that feature works particularly well when paired with its branded Moleskin notebooks, but those are purely optional. The results from the couple of quick snapshots we took were bright clear and as legible as could be expected. Unfortunately there are continued issues with Evernote's text recognition, which tends to be slow for non-premium users.


Interestingly, Android is the first mobile platform to get a taste of shortcuts which debuted on OS X in November. Your shortcuts are always just a swipe to the left away, offering you quick access to your most frequently used notebooks and notes. Adding one is as easy as long pressing on an item and selecting the appropriate option from the pop up. Alongside the app update Evernote also introduced a new feature for premium members that exposes the contents of uploaded documents to the search. Hit up the source link to download Evernote 5.0 now.

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