A look at the original Apple II disk operating system documents

A look at the original Mac OS documents

A collection of documents detailing Apple's work on its first disk-based operating system recently surfaced at the DigiBarn computer museum, and CNET got a first-hand look at the compilation.

The documents date back to the late 1970s and include contracts signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, schematics and code. The documents were donated to Digibarn by Paul Laughton, who worked for Shepardson Microsystems at the time. Shephardson was contracted by Apple to write its first DOS for $13,000. This underlying system allowed the Apple II to use floppy disks, rather than depending on unreliable and slow cassette tapes for storage.

This period was a formative time for Apple, with the company moving away from its hobby roots and into its role as a technology leader. You can read the full story behind these documents and view a gallery of them on CNET's website.

[Via CNET]