Bang & Olufsen announces Spotify partnership, brings streaming integration to BeoSound 5

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Bang & Olufsen announces Spotify partnership, brings streaming integration to BeoSound 5

The BeoSound 5 is, without a doubt, among the priciest of its kind, but thanks to a new partnership with Spotify, Bang & Olufsen has just added a little more value to its lavish controller. According to the company, those with a BeoSound 5 in their possession will able able to start streaming up to 320 Kbps tunes from Spotify as soon as they snag a software update, which will be available to download starting today -- though it's worth noting that a Spotify Premium account is a must for owners looking to stream. Still, since these are folks who've already paid the extravagant premium that's attached to the BeoSound 5 systems, chances are they already have the proper credentials or won't mind shelling out a few bucks per month on some quality internet-based music.

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Bang & Olufsen relaunches BeoSound 5 with complete Spotify integration

Bang & Olufsen announces a new partnership with Spotify, the world's leading music streaming service. Bang & Olufsen's digital music system, BeoSound 5, now ships with complete Spotify integration, adding 20 million songs in premium sound quality to BeoSound 5's already versatile repertoire. Bang & Olufsen includes all existing BeoSound 5 owners in the Spotify integration through a free online software update.

Struer, April 2013 - Bang & Olufsen announces that Spotify is now fully integrated into its popular BeoSound 5 music system. The integration adds yet another feature to BeoSound 5, expanding its range of digital music with Spotify's massive music catalogue in addition to the owner's own digitalised tracks and 14,000 internet radio stations. The integration is built-in to all new BeoSound 5 units; in line with Bang & Olufsen's dedication to continuing customer service, existing BeoSound 5 owners can easily add Spotify with a free online software update.

You can try out your favourite Spotify playlist now, with BeoSound 5 and your choice of Bang & Olufsen speakers, in any Bang & Olufsen store located in markets where Spotify is available.

"Bang & Olufsen owners told us they wanted Spotify, and we listened," says Bang & Olufsen's category manager Theis Moerk. "More and more consumers are choosing to stream their music, and in many markets streamed music outsells CDs. But low bit rates have kept a lot of music fans on the fence. With Spotify now fully integrated into BeoSound 5, Bang & Olufsen owners have access to over 20 million songs in the best possible streaming quality. The partnership with Spotify is an important step in keeping Bang & Olufsen owners up to date with the growing availability of digital entertainment, and we look forward to further collaboration with Spotify in the future."

"We're thrilled to start streaming with Bang & Olufsen," says Riad Hawa, Spotify's global hardware partnerships manager. "Bang & Olufsen sets the bar high in both acoustic performance and design quality. Combining the BeoSound 5 with Spotify will offer a music experience that truly stands out, with millions of songs in high fidelity right in your own living room."

BeoSound 5 lets you command all of your music, no matter where it's stored, from one intuitive interface. Seamlessly connecting to a plethora of sources – including NAS, Airplay, DLNA, A2DP Bluetooth and now Spotify – the BeoSound 5's LCD and scroll wheel makes music enjoyment simple. It supports playback of WMA and FLAC lossless files in addition to mp3 music, and has an on-board storage capacity equivalent to 175,000 tracks, or 10,000 of your favourite CDs. The unique MOTS feature analyses the song that you are listening to – checking for sound, dynamics and rhythmic aspects – to automatically create a playlist from your stored music and take you to places in your music collection that you may have left unexplored for way too long.

The BeoSound 5 is available at Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide, priced at £3,400 (RRP). Usage of the Spotify feature on BeoSound 5 will require a Spotify Premium subscription. Spotify is available in selected markets worldwide from 3rd April.

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Bang & Olufsen announces Spotify partnership, brings streaming integration to BeoSound 5