Star Wars: The Old Republic looks at Makeb's movers and shakers

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|04.08.13

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Star Wars: The Old Republic looks at Makeb's movers and shakers
In a galaxy far far away, all surveillance is done through very small blinds.
Star Wars: The Old Republic's expansion is sending players into a three-way warzone between the Empire, the Republic, and the Hutt Cartel. Winning that war will require getting the right friends and eliminating the right enemies. Whether you're an early order getting to jump in tomorrow or a player waiting until the official launch, you can benefit from a crash course on some persons of interest on Makeb, courtesy of Imperial Intelligence.

Considering the focus on the Hutt Cartel, it's unsurprising that two of the most prominent figures are Hutts -- Szajin and Toborro. Szajin bucks the usual Hutt trend of self-serving greed, modeling himself as a partisan for his people across the galaxy without concern for profit. Toborro, meanwhile, sits at the top of all operations on Makeb, setting himself as a personal lord for the Hutts to rally behind as the Cartel expands its influence. Check out the full intel rundown for more details on the Hutts as well as other persons of note.
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