Dawngate site points to new EA MOBA

Dawngate site points to new EA MOBA

A website for a new fantasy MOBA called Dawngate launched this morning, listing EA and a company called Waystone Games as involved. As spotted by online sleuth superannuation, the site apparently launched early. Links to Twitch. Twitter, and YouTube lead to accounts either inactive or private.

"Dawngate is a new MOBA," the page reads, "Built from the ground up to look and feel familiar while offering a whole new way to experience MOBA gameplay. Dawngate empowers you to forge the champions you love for the roles you want in a competitive arena, shaped by ever-evolving, community-driven content and story."

Superannuation suggests Dawngate is the MOBA seemingly outed by Visceral Games job listings late last year, and that Visceral's free-to-play group has been renamed Waystone Games. Apart from the little that's on the site, there's no other info on the studio.

Earlier this year, it was speculated Visceral had undergone massive restructuring following below-target sales of Dead Space 3, claims which EA strenuously denied. EA recently announced 900 layoffs across its total workforce as part of organizational restructuring.

The Dawngate website has a page that allows users to register for a chance to take part in an upcoming beta. As far as we could see, signing up requires an Origin account.

We've reached out to EA for comment.