Type A Machines previews aluminum-framed Series 1 Pro 3D printer

Brian Heater
B. Heater|05.20.13

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Type A Machines previews aluminum-framed Series 1 Pro 3D printer

If you've navigated through the endless sea of 3D printers at this weekend's Maker Faire, you may well have caught a glimpse of the Series 1 Pro, the latest offering from San Francisco-based Type A Machines. The printer, which is still in the "engineering concept" phase, trades its predecessor's wood frame for a more solid aluminum version. The WiFi-compatible device has a build volume of about 18 liters, according to the company, and will be available in the third quarter of this year. That's the printer up top, pictured alongside Mark II, a little robot printed on the original Series One. Down below, you'll find a short press release.

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Type A Machines introduces the Series 1 Pro

At Maker Faire Bay Area 2013, Type A Machines is excited to present their latest product innovation, which will push the limits of 3D printing and will open up new breakthroughs in terms of usability.

The Series 1 Pro Engineering Concept is a high strength all aluminum frame using a professional grade linear guide system. Maintaining the open core design of the Series 1, the Series 1 Pro will be fully wifi compatible.

Further improving the reliability and performance already available in the Series 1, the Series 1 Pro Engineering Concept has a build volume of approximately 18 liters.
The Series 1 Pro is expected to be available in Q3 of 2013.

It was unveiled this morning at Type A Machines' booth #204 in the Expo Hall, and it was presented by Type A Machines' CEO Kevin Rowney during his speech on MakerShed stage.

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