Wings Over Atreia Exclusive: Soar into Aion 4.0 June 26th

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|06.01.13

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Wings Over Atreia Exclusive:  Soar into Aion 4.0 June 26th
Wings Over Atreia Exclusive  Soar into Aion 40 June 26th
Could it be? Is that really... it IS! Your eyes do not deceive you; there really is a bonafide date set for the release of Aion's next expansion, Dark Betrayal. And I've got to tell you, it is such a relief to be able to share the news without the chance of that electric shock collar going off. You'll be able to spread your wings in Katalam and Danaria -- or just spread new wings period if you go for one of the new classes -- come June 26th. But here's the catch: If you still have things you want to get in order before the expansion hits (perhaps gain a level or two like some people we know), now you've got a deadline!

Luckily, for all those stuck in the position of needing to advance in levels a bit to experience all of what 4.0 offers, Aion's got just the event to help you out. Starting June 5th and going all the way to launch on the 26th, any and all Daevas -- meaning level 10 and above -- can participate in Code Red and receive special enhancements to aid in their adventures.

Wings Over Atreia Exclusive  Soar into Aion 40 June 26th
To push on or start over?

Unlike the previous expansions Assault on Belauria and Ascension, Dark Betrayal gives players the choice of pushing towards a higher maximum level in new zones or completely starting over with one of the brand-spanking new classes. I know I personally am waffling about which to do first! As much as I want to see the new lands, participate in the new sieges, and crawl through the new dungeons, not to mention play through the story of this dark betrayal, I can't wait to get my hands on the new Songweaver class. Ultimately, I also want to play the Gunslinger as well, but there still aren't enough slots to do both yet. (Come on NCsoft, toss extra slots in the Black Cloud Marketplace, I swear you won't regret it!)

My solution? I'll simply have to alternate between the two. Of course, I still have to decide Elyos or Asmodian... oh, the travails of the decisionally challenged! Either way, I will definitely be chronicling my adventures with the new classes, so be on the lookout for those, and feel free to join me as well. Now, about those levels I need in order to get into the new zones...

Daevas playing doctorThe doctor is in

Obviously, Daevas will need to be in prime fighting shape to take on the new threat to Atreia. In order to do that, Daevic doctors are standing by in a medical camp during the three-week Code Red event to dispense enhancements to willing warriors who, like myself, may need to get whipped into better shape for the fight.

Being the fine upstanding Daevas you are, you might be a bit leery of these so-called "enhancements" being offered. But don't worry, all enhancements are medically safe and perfectly legal in Atreia. Even better, they are administered by medical professionals by prescription only! So you can feel confident that they won't have (too many) unintended side effects. For the really discerning patient, I have it on good authority that side effects may include: drowsiness, dizziness, increased speed, stuffy nose, dry mouth, nausea, upset stomach, headache, death, death-like symptoms, loss of vision, loss of limbs, an unusual attraction to Shugos, quicker leveling, or an excessive amount of fun. But it's worth the risk, right?

In layman's terms, what we are getting are various buffs. Some are completely free, handed out to any one willing to come get them. Different buffs are available on different days, and only one buff can be active at a time, so be selective in your choice. The free buffs are:
  • Prosperitin: Available Monday through Thursday, this buff grants attack speed +2% and crit strike +20; it lasts for one hour.
  • Turbonel: Available Monday through Thursday, this buff grants casting speed +2% and magic boost +20; it lasts for one hour.
  • Dexteritrol: Available Friday through Sunday, this buff grants drop rate +10%; it lasts for one hour.
  • Abysaline: Available Friday through Sunday, this buff grants PvP defense +3%; it lasts for two hours.

Code Red event

Free clinical trials aren't the only things available at the medical camps. Players can also do daily quests that stock them up on needed supplies. Some items can be traded, others cannot.

The daily potion quests will provide each Daeva with 30 major recovery potions, major recovery serums, fine recovery potions, or fine recovery serums. Recovery potions increase health and mana over time whereas the serums are an immediate boost. The major items can be used by any level, but the fine ones are only usable by those level 50 and above. All of these potions can be traded or sold.

When completed, the daily scroll quests will give players a bundle of 50 scrolls, which each last for 30 minutes and cannot be traded, as well as 200 stigma shards. The choices are;

  • Rx: Accelerox -- Greater Immortal Running Scroll (running speed +30%)
  • Rx: Blitzopan -- Greater Immortal Courage Scroll (attack speed +9%)
  • Rx: Castafodin -- Greater Immortal Awakening Scroll (casting speed +9%)
  • Rx: Critozyne (for level 50+) -- Major Immortal Crit Strike Scroll (crit strike +120)
  • Rx: Mojocycline (for level 50+) -- Major Immortal Crit Spell Scroll (crit spell +40)

Of course, if you want to get even more of a boost, the Black Cloud Marketplace will also have deals on Berdin's 100% XP Amulet III, which doubles XP gain, and the 100% Tea of Repose, which instantly rejuvenates rest XP; both will be 50% off during the Code Red event.

Wings Over Atreia Exclusive  Soar into Aion 40 June 26th

More (on the) betrayal to come

The Code Red event is not the last you will hear of the build-up toward 4.0. There are still dark secrets to reveal and more details about the new classes, skills, and the Katalam and Danaria zones to learn. Even a launch trailer will be cropping up as we get closer to the 26th. Keep your eyes on Massively for Aion updates and also be on the lookout for a soon-to-be released NCsoft microsite with its accompanying goodies!

Until then, the clock is ticking! I'd better try and figure out which toons will get the ax to open up some character slots, not to mention get my leveling groove on. Care to join me?

Soaring through the Aionosphere, MJ Guthrie touches down biweekly to bring you Wings Over Atreia. Featuring tips, guides, and general snippets of life in Aion, the column is better than Tutty-on-a-stick, ackackackackackack! Have a suggestion to share? No need to bribe a Shugo -- just send mail to

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