eBay's large retail screens could make 'window shopping' more expensive

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You might argue that eBay is a virtual store of sorts already. But according to reports, the auction giant is planning a new spin on the term. Reuters claims that eBay plans to place 9-foot by 2-foot screens in closed retail units in a variety of locations around New York. The idea being that real shoppers will be able to paw at the virtual stores through the glass, and have purchases delivered to them in under an hour -- ideal for those who just can't wait. There's already one client onboard (Fith & Pacific Companies) which plans to use the screens to launch a new fashion brand without having to kit out physical stores. The firm does plan on furnishing actual bricks and mortar outlets eventually, but won't ditch the screens after. Instead making them a permanent fixture in-store to add items that aren't always available in current stock.

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