This week on gdgt: MOGA Pro, Xbox One, Xperia Tablet Z


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This week on gdgt: MOGA Pro, Xbox One, Xperia Tablet Z

Each week, our friends at gdgt go through the latest gadgets and score them to help you decide which ones to buy. Here are some of their most recent picks. Want more? Visit gdgt anytime to catch up on the latest, and subscribe to gdgt's newsletter to get a weekly roundup in your inbox.

This week on gdgt


Power A MOGA Pro

The original MOGA controller suffered from a lack of games, but with the MOGA Pro the library of compatible titles has come a long way, making this the controller to get for your Android gaming experience.
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Xperia Tablet Z

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

After some missteps in the past, Sony has finally produced a unit worthy of competing with the best Android tablets on the market. Sony has long left behind the folding design of the Tablet P in favor of a more standard form factor, and has thrown in some unique features including waterproofing that should make it your first choice as a poolside side companion.
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Xbox One

Should it be called the Xbox 180?

In this week's featured discussion, we ask whether Microsoft's flip-flop on some of the Xbox One's controversial features changes your opinion about the console. Will you consider buying one?
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hp chromebook

HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook

HP joins Acer and Samsung in the budget Chromebook family by going with a 14-inch display instead of 11 inches. It sells for $80 more than Samsung's current model, offering the same resolution on a larger display, which results in an overall less impressive display. It also has inferior battery life, making it unacceptable for those who need a mobile device on a budget.
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