The Chinese Room job listings call out next-gen game for 2015

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The Chinese Room job listings call out next-gen game for 2015
The Chinese Room job listing calls out nextgen game for 2015
British development studio thechineseroom, the outfit you may remember for its work on Dear Esther and the upcoming Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, is working on an open-world, first-person game for next-generation consoles.

"We have just signed a development deal with a major publisher and are expanding our team for a next-generation console project, scheduled for release in summer 2015," a job listing for a visual FX artist points out. A second job listing for an audio designer mentions the unannounced game runs on CryEngine 3, suggesting this next-gen console game is Everybody's Gone to Rapture, the spiritual successor to Dear Esther.

The official site for thechineseroom says to expect more info on this mystery game "in late summer." In February, thechineseroom pushed back A Machine for Pigs' launch to the second quarter of this year, between April and June.
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