Greenlight Supershow live-streams 13 hours of indie hopefuls June 29

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Greenlight Supershow live-streams 13 hours of indie hopefuls June 29
Greenlight Supershow livestreams 13 hours of indie hopefuls on June 29
The Greenlight Supershow will capture the hottest games on Steam Greenlight for a 13-hour live-stream event on Twitch, starting at 10:30AM on Saturday, June 29. The Supershow showcases more than 25 games, each vying for a spot on Steam via Greenlight, and will include Q&As, giveaways, and sneak peeks at new things. Portions will be co-hosted by YouTubers Jesse Cox (OMGFcata) and Ryan Letourneau (Northernlion), as well as other indie-loving web personalities.

The Greenlight Supershow will feature Ray's the Dead, BroForce, Girls Like Robots, Escape Goat, Black Annex, Delver's Drop, Paranautical Activity, McDroid, Dino Run SE, 8BitMMO and Tower of Guns, among others. Check out the entire schedule – including breaks with games that have already been Greenlit – right here.

The whole shebang is organized by Alix Stolzer of development duo Robot Loves Kitty, who says the event comes complete with Valve's support. Stolzer's multiplayer roguelike, Legend of Dungeon, was Greenlit in April, and she wants more indies to find the same success on Steam.

This weekend, consider ditching those Saturday morning cartoons and checking out the Greenlight Supershow all day long.
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