TERA's new battleground promotes a siege mentality

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.25.13

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TERA's new battleground promotes a siege mentality
Get ready to buckle all of your swashes.
The newest TERA battleground is meant to be big. It's not about two sides plinking away at one another across a field; it's about tearing down the walls of a castle and razing the structure. Corsairs' Stronghold is your chance to take part in both sides of a castle assault, and the development team has put together a little video preview to show off just what your role will be in this two-stage assault.

Players will alternate between being attackers and defenders, with attackers trying to tear down the Anchorstone as the defenders beat them back. The map includes elements like ladders to scale, siege weapons to hit the walls, and plenty of spots for characters to engage in pitched fighting for the sake of this castle. The battleground also sees the inclusion of several pieces of pirate-themed cosmetic gear, which are also previewed in another video past the cut. There's plenty to see, in other words.

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