Stock Android edition Samsung GS4 and HTC One hit Google Play Store

Look, you said you wanted pure Android. You said custom skins were always second best. Well, today's the day to show Samsung and HTC that you're not just all talk. The two best Google-powered phones on the market, Samsung's Galaxy S 4 and HTC's One, are now available directly from the Play Store running an unadulterated version of the OS. The One will set you back $599 and it comes with 32GB of non-expandable storage. Samsung's GS 4 is a bit more expensive at $649, and you get only 16GB of space, but you'll be able to augment that with a microSD card. Both devices support AT&T's and T-Mobile's respective 4G LTE networks and are fully unlocked. Unfortunately, you can't buy either of these if you live outside the US, at least not yet. We have a hands-on with these two mythical creatures up now.