Maingear launches liquid-cooled Epic series with 4th-gen Intel Core-i7 CPUs

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Maingear launches liquid-cooled Epic series with 4th-gen Intel Core-i7 CPUs

Liquid-cooled PCs are de rigueur for serious gamers, but Maingear knows there are plenty who'd rather than fiddle with plumbing. To that end, the company's just buttressed its water-chilled desktop lineup with the Epic Series, consisting of the full-tower Force and mid-sized Rush models. Each pack a "BiTurbo" pump design that keeps things cool in the event of a single pump failure, along with the latest Intel 4th-generation Core i7 or AMD FX processors. As for graphics, you'll get four-way SLI NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan or Radeon HD 7970 GPUs if you opt for the Force model, while the Rush offers two-way GeForce GTX Titan SLI or dual Radeon HD 7990 graphics. There are also numerous memory, storage and static pressure fans using Corsair parts, and custom touches like lighting and Glasurit paint with an "automotive finish." Prices start at $3,259 for the Force and $3,059 for the Rush and go way up from there -- if that doesn't phase you, check the source for more.

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MAINGEAR announces the first EPIC series desktop that offers exotic liquid cooling solutions with EKWB that give more performance and flexibility for those who crave the ultimate performance from their PC.

Kenilworth, New Jersey – June 26, 2013 - MAINGEAR, an award-winning PC system builder of custom desktops, notebooks, workstations launches their new EPIC Force and EPIC RUSH desktops that pushes performance and gives more choices in liquid cooling and design options.

MAINGEAR understands that there are PC enthusiasts that want to push their systems to the absolute potential they can achieve. MAINGEAR has chosen EKWB for their water-cooling partner on the Epic series PC line because of their passion for innovation, great products, and top best provided service. With the new MAINGEAR EPIC PCs, MAINGEAR customers can now build their system with the ultimate cooling solutions and be confident they are receiving the best experience and support MAINGEAR has to offer.

More Than What You Expect
The EPIC PC family will be similar to the VRTX PC line with different sizes in chassis and performance from which to choose. The largest of the new EPIC PC line is the EPIC FORCE which offers the Obsidion 900D, most versatile Corsair chassis on the market today for extreme water cooling and maximum overclocking. It is capable of mounting larger-than eATX motherboards including XL-ATX formats so there are plenty of motherboard options to choose from along with full-coverage motherboard cooling waterblocks.

In addition, the EPIC Force can be configured with the latest Intel® 4th Generation Core™ i7 processors or AMD FX processors, up to four GPUs with four-way SLI featuring GeForce GTX Titan graphics, or CrossFireX configurations up to four Radeon HD 7970 graphics. These powerful GPU configurations can be fully liquid cooled to max out performance and minimize noise. The EPIC RUSH PC is the mid-size version of the EPIC FORCE with a Corsair Obsidion 350D microATX chassis but still offers the immense performance and customization options PC gamers and PC enthusiasts want. The EPIC RUSH has all of the features of the EPIC FORCE but due its smaller size, it can be built out the latest Intel 4th Generation Core i7 processors and with options of two-way GeForce GTX SLI or dual Radeon HD 7990 graphics.

Never Overheat
The MAINGEAR EPIC FORCE and EPIC RUSH sport a custom dual 'BiTurbo' pump design that ensures continuous cooling in the event of a single pump failure. In addition, this design allows MAINGEAR to tune the Laing D5 Vario motors in order to increasing longevity, maintain constant flow, and minimize noise. On the EPIC FORCE, there are up to 3 radiators to keep the system cool including a triple 140mm radiator, quad 120mm radiator, and one 140mm radiator that can be used simultaneously. These are premium, extra-thick copper-core radiators that are optimized for near-silent airflow. On the EPIC RUSH there are 2 radiators including a 240mm extra thick radiator and 120mm radiator, supported by dual 140mm exhaust. The premium EK waterblocks that are used are coupled with MAINGEAR EPIC T1000 liquid metal alloy thermal interface material is backed by oversized reservoirs to ensure stable liquid cooling. There is even a complimentary refill kit that comes with the system when you do need to top off.

Component and Design Customization
Not only does the EPIC FORCE and EPIC RUSH PCs offers the very best options in performance with loads for storage space including massive SSD RAID arrays and terabytes of mechanical storage, there are custom design options as well including premium Corsair Air Series static pressure fans color matched to your system, fully sleeved power cables and lighting options and an Glasurit paints automotive finish that is applied in-house by MAINGEAR's professional team of detailers.

"MAINGEAR is known for pushing the limits with overclocking and now with EKWB cooling solutions in their new EPIC PC line, their customers will be able to push their products to even further limits while keeping their systems constantly cool." said Edvard Koenig, from EKWB. "Maingear is very well known in the industry and we were delighted when they contacted us to develop best solution for their EPIC series. With the EPIC PC line utilizing full coverage blocks for GPU and the motherboard, each system will have its own unique cooling setup which is an example of how detailed and meticulous these PC's will be to run anything and everything."

"MAINGEAR is constantly pushing to make their PCs better and offer great options in customization and performance." said Brent McCray, Worldwide Enthusiast Marketing Manager of Intel. "With the Intel 4th generation Core i7 processors that are unlocked and therefore can be overclocked combined with Maingear's unique liquid cooling solutions the EPIC PC line is undoubtedly a gamer's dream machine."

"MAINGEAR's new EPIC PC series gives more of what gamers crave for; liquid cooled perfection combined with the capability of building a 4-way SLI PC with NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN GPUs," said Scott Herkelman, general manager of the GeForce GPU business at NVIDIA."

"MAINGEAR is known for relentlessly pushing the limits of PC performance." said Thi La, Senior VP and GM of Memory and Enthusiast Component Products at Corsair. "With their new EPIC PC line they have done it again. We are pleased that MAINGEAR is offering Corsair cases, memory, power supplies, and SSDs to provide PC enthusiasts the very best performance, storage and power options available."

"The new EPIC PC line up offers the best custom loop water cooling solution and gives more options for our customers who want raw power and performance." said Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR. "PC enthusiasts are able to build their dream machine without any limitations from two to four way video cards, and CPU cooling beyond the norm with our BiTurbo pump system."

All of MAINGEAR products are supported with lifetime labor and phone support with one to three year hardware warranty. For more information about MAINGEAR's new EPIC desktops, go to:
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Maingear launches liquid-cooled Epic series with 4th-gen Intel Core-i7 CPUs