HTC One for Verizon caught stopping by FCC

Alexis Santos
A. Santos|07.09.13

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Sure, it might've taken a while for Verizon to admit that it would carry the HTC One, but now the phone is just about ready to light up its network. Uncle Sam's just played host to a variant of the device with model number PN07310, which lines up with its cousin on Sprint, and it packs Big Red-friendly radios for LTE (band 13), GSM (850/1900) and CDMA (850/1900). Naturally, the FCC's documents also indicate support for WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC. Now that Peter Chou's wunderkind has passed the required government hurdle, it's ready to arrive "later this summer," just as Verizon promised.

DNP HTC One for Verizon caught stopping by FCC

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