HTC One coming to Verizon later this summer (updated)

Verizon just announced that the HTC One will finally make its debut on the network later this summer. Pricing and exact availability -- not to mention unique features or other specifics -- are yet to be determined, but this is a solid confirmation to a rumor that's been floating around for the last few months, ever since the One officially launched worldwide. Its availability on all four US carriers should be refreshing news to HTC, as this puts it on level ground (stateside, at least) with the immensely popular Samsung Galaxy S 4. The fight between these two flagships is far from over, but having the largest carrier in the US onboard certainly makes that battle much more interesting.

Update: Thanks to reader Vlad and a post at G for Games, we know that the One passed through Bluetooth SIG certification as the HTC6500LVW. This won't help the smartphone reach our hands any sooner, but it may give us something to talk about when we're pestering our local Verizon reps for a release date.

Jon Fingas contributed to this report.