Community Blog Topic: Who is your favorite faction leader?

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Community Blog Topic: Who is your favorite faction leader?
Community Blog Topic Who is your favorite faction leader
For this week's Community Blog Topic, we ask, "Who is your favorite leader from a playable faction?" Anyone who knows me won't be surprised at my answer: Lady Sylvanas. Her history is tragic. Being ripped from her former existence by Arthas and turning into the Banshee Queen is just delicious. And she's the only faction leader who breaks into song as a quest reward.

I also completely support her methods of increasing her people's numbers. I love that instead of waking up as a not-mindless undead has been replaced by being called up by a Val'kyr if you decide to roll Forsaken. And her little exchange with Garrosh in Silverpine Forest is priceless.

Yes, she's going on with the plague behind everyone's back, and that's a bad thing. But she has the Forsaken's best interests at heart, as desiccated as that heart may be. I wouldn't want her to become leader of the Horde though. She's much more fun where she is.

Who is your favorite faction leader from a playable faction? Why did you choose him or her? Blog about it and post your link in the comments below. Or if you don't have a WoW-related blog, just respond by commenting.
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