Microsoft applies for glasses-based AR multiplayer gaming patent

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Microsoft applies for glasses-based AR multiplayer gaming patent

MS patent for AR glasses for multiplayer gaming
Seemingly unwilling to be outdone by Google Glass, Microsoft has applied for a patent for glasses-based AR technology that may be implemented into future game development, Engadget reports.

The application describes sending verbal invitations for multiplayer games via a "head-mounted display device." It also mentions facial recognition, eye-tracking, depth-of-field, and user-specific information display technologies.

Concept art for glasses-based AR was shown in June in a previously leaked document concerning the Xbox One. Microsoft also filed a patent last November for a head-mounted display that augments scenarios like live sporting events. Considering the IllumiRoom project and the Xbox One's mandatory Kinect, developers interested in Microsoft's hardware might have a few more tools to work with than just a standard controller.

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