Piksi brings half-inch GPS accuracy to Kickstarter for $900 (video)

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Steve Dent
August 7th, 2013
Piksi brings half-inch GPS accuracy to Kickstarter for $900 (video)

Though a shade under a grand might seem quite a sum for a little chip, so-called RTK (Real Time Kinematic) GPS systems normally run ten times that. To bring such tech down to earth, Piksi has launched its own RTK GPS receiver on a chip, giving UAV and rocketry hobbyists, researchers, surveyers, scientists and teachers a crack at centimeter position accuracy. RTK works by overcoming the normal limitations of GPS technology, namely the 300 meter bit-length and ionospheric delay, by using two receivers to mitigate those sources of error. That lets it position itself down to a single centimeter (less than half an inch), a vast improvement over GPS's normal accuracy of 10 feet or more. On top of that precision, the receiver brings rapid 50Hz positional updates, an open source design, low (500mW) power consumption, and a small two square inch form factor. The company has sold out of its already-assembled pre-production kits (and doubled its $14k funding goal), but you can grab a production model for $900, with an estimated delivery date of December. That ought to help your UAV or autonomous vehicle project arrive on a dime -- literally. Check the source or video after the break for more.

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