Puzzle-thriller Hybris is Coraline meets Spielberg on a dark night

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Jessica Conditt
August 12th, 2013
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Puzzle-thriller Hybris is Coraline meets Spielberg on a dark night
Hybris, a puzzlethriller set in one dark night, is Coraline meets Spielberg
The alpha screenshots of Hybris speak more about the game than words do, and developer Monsters seems to have done this on purpose. We know Hybris tells the story of Kevin, a lonely kid who escapes his fragile home life by visiting the top of a hill, and while there he witnesses a light that fills the sky and alters the world. Monsters divulges the gameplay will involve physics and "inventory-based" puzzles, and a time-freezing mechanic, but doesn't specify how these will all work together. Somehow, these mechanics have to ensure Kevin survives the night.

Hybris features music by Austin Wintory, the Grammy-nominated composer behind Journey, Monaco and the recent Leisure Suit Larry reboot. But that's enough of the intangibles – early images of Hybris show an eery, polished game in a style similar to Coraline, though Monsters promises it's a "pretty dark" adventure a la Spielberg.

Hybris is due out in two parts, with the first one hitting in early 2014. There may be a Kickstarter to help finish development down the line, but for now that's just another layer of mystery.%Gallery-195810%
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