Xsyon hosts two months of GM-run events

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|08.16.13

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Xsyon hosts two months of GM-run events
Xsyon hosts two months of guide run event
The post-apocalyptic world of Xsyon may be harsh and unrelenting, but it also has its moments of fun and frivolity. And those moments are often found in the various GM-run events. Luckily for players, the next couple of months are chock full of them! Most events will run several times, affording those in different time zones the chance to participate and nab some prizes. Here's a run-down:
  • Aug 17, Handy-Man Provider Challenge: An orienteering-style event utilizing navigation, crafting, and organization.
  • Aug 24, Haunted House: Find hidden treasure with a partner in a haunted house filled with frights.
  • Aug 31, Ironman Race: Run, swim, and pull a cart all the way around founder's island.
  • Sep 7, Gladiator Event: A PvE event involving the dreaded Shadow Bear.
  • Sep 14: For the time-pressed, a weekend full of mini-events.
  • Sep 21, Crazy Basket Hunt: Search for the treasure cart to find prizes galore.
  • Sep 28, Mega Cross Country Challenge: A race across multiple zones with Guides (GMs) waiting at various checkpoints.
[Source: Notorious Games press release]
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