Orbitsound announces SB60 airSOUND Base 5-speaker system for your TV

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James Trew
August 25th, 2013
Orbitsound announces SB60 airSOUND Base 5-speaker system for your TV

British audio company, Orbitsound, has been gunning for the spot just under your TV for a while. It's newest device, the SB60 airSOUND Base, is the latest contender for this front-room real estate. The one-box solution measures 60cm x 30cm x 8cm, and squeezes in two front-facing speakers, another pair of "side-firing" ones (to add width,) plus a subwoofer for... well, you know. There's an optical connection for the TV audio, or a 3.5mm jack if you want to pipe anything else through it. The airSOUND Base's all black finish will likely match most of the sets you'd want place on top, though there is a changeable silver grille if this is more to your taste. Orbitsound claims it's particularly suitable for 32- to 42-inch screens, but can handle many others right unto 55". The SB60 airSOUND Base goes on sale in the UK today for £299.

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Following the success of the recently launched 'M series', the award-winning British audio technology brand Orbitsound launches the SB60 airSOUND™ Base, a one-box TV sound solution with an integrated subwoofer, to deliver a natural and immersive sound experience without the need for additional speakers.

The SB60 airSOUND Base is powered by patented airSOUNDTM technology, which delivers rich quality sound at high or low volume settings, thereby enhancing dialogue, music, action and sound from everyday programming wherever the listener is in relation to the speaker. The technology is the latest evolution of sound reproduction from Orbitsound and represents over 40 years of experience in sound engineering acquired in professional recording studios.

Measuring a compact 60cm x 30cm x 8cm (width x depth x height) the SB60 airSOUND Base is built to unobtrusively sit beneath TVs. Suitable for 32"- 42" screens and many TVs up to 55", the design blends effortlessly into the background and makes sound its main focus, yet its design caters for style-conscious consumers alike.
Underneath the hand polished, high gloss piano black exterior comes a cabinet produced from engineered wood and constructed from no fewer than 20 individual wooden components to create minimal distortion. The removable front grille can be replaced in seconds with a silver grille (included) to offer users a design alternative.

The easy set-up requires just one optical cable to connect to a television, plus one addition electrical plug to the wall, and removes the need for any additional equipment, wiring or adjustment. Other devices can be connected using the 3.5mm jack input.

The SB60 airSOUND Base features 2x2" front speakers that deliver most of the sound definition. In addition, the 5" down-firing subwoofer pumps the volume and power of the bass frequencies. The 2x2" side-firing speakers create a wide and engaging soundscape that envelopes all the listeners, wherever they are in the room.

Orbitsound's MD Peter Eckhardt comments: "The SB60 airSOUND Base has been developed for the love of TV. As flatscreen TVs become thinner, the sound tends to become inferior, leaving a gap in the market for consumers who want to enjoy premium sound from their TVs without sacrificing on convenience, simplicity and ease of use. The SB60 airSOUND Base not only fills that gap but also brings to life the Orbitsound vision of reproducing sound as though the artist, actor or musician was in the room. The SB60 airSOUND Base, powered by our patented airSOUNDTM technology, is a perfect solution for anyone looking for an all-in-one sound solution for their TV's with superior sound quality."

The SB60 airSOUND Base will be available in John Lewis stores retailing at £299 from 26th August 2013

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