Dollar Store Accessories: Flip stand case

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Dollar Store Accessories: Flip stand case

Not every Dollar Store accessory is going to be a great success and, sadly, this case with a built-in stand was an utter piece of crap.

I selected it for review because I rather liked the notion of a flip stand, especially for watching YouTube videos and the like.

The case clicked onto my 4S easily. Taking it off, however, was a bit of a nightmare -- the rigid case hugged my phone, making it really hard to find a way to remove it without destroying my device.

And that stand? Useless. When installed on my 4S, I could not get that cursed stand to flip up. Although it was easy to manipulate when off the phone (basically you push it out from the inside), in its intended use, I could not get it open.

I tried hair pins, keys, toothpicks, nails -- whatever you could think of. They all etched scratches into the stand's bottom without lifting the thing from its locked position.

The case itself provided all the normal coverage you'd expect. There's a hole in the back for the Apple logo, an opening for the camera, spaces for the hardware toggles (mute and volume) on the side and headphone / speaker on the top and bottom. However, it barely came up those sides and really didn't make me feel that my phone would be protected even from short falls.

In all, the whole thing was junk. My review unit is already in the recycling bin. That's a pity given how many reasonably good finds TUAW has discovered at the Dollar Store to date.

Not recommended.

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