This week's Tokyoflash watch comes in maple and sandalwood (video)

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This week's Tokyoflash watch comes in maple and sandalwood (video)

Tokyoflash's busy horologists know no bounds when it comes to designing watches. The company's latest timepiece is an update to last year's bee-friendly Kisai Zone that sports wooden cases and straps. Each of the three available woods is married to its own LCD color for the screen -- dark sandalwood's is black, red sandalwood goes purple and maple snags a blue readout. Speaking of which, it doesn't look like anything has changed compared to the first Zone's watch face. It still features a standard battery that lasts "at least a year," a funky hexagonal display (hours on top, minutes in the middle and seconds on the bottom) and an Indiglo-like backlight. If you fancy wearing part of a giving tree on your wrist, you can snag one of these for $99 if you act within the next two days.

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