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Eye Tribe starts taking pre-orders for $99 Windows eye tracker

Eye Tribe starts taking pre-orders for $99 Windows eye tracker
Mariella Moon
Mariella Moon|@mariella_moon|September 6, 2013 7:07 PM

Leap Motion, Kinect or MYO could satisfy your yearning for motion control, but an itch for eye-tracking tech might be harder to scratch. There aren't a lot of them on the market yet, which Eye Tribe hopes to change now that it's opened pre-orders for the developer edition of its Windows peripheral. Similar to the Tobii REX, the Eye Tribe Tracker is a thin bar that plugs into a PC or a tablet via USB and follows your line of sight, except its $99 price is a bit more palatable. Since the firm's hoping developers will integrate eye control to existing games and software for the benefit of future buyers, the first version of the device will come with an SDK. Eye Tribe's yet to lay out plans for the Android version showcased in April -- the video after the cut also hints at iOS and OS X integration -- but it has promised to ship the Windows eye tracker before the year ends.

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September 05, 2013 10:00 ET

The Eye Tribe Announces World's First Affordable Eye Tracker

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK--(Marketwired - Sep 5, 2013) - Danish eye tracking company The Eye Tribe is now presenting the world's first truly affordable eye tracking device. Priced at only $99, the first version of The Eye Tribe Tracker is targeted at developers and bundled with an easy to use Software Development Kit.

The award winning company The Eye Tribe today announced their pre-order campaign for The Eye Tribe Tracker, a $99 eye tracker for Windows. This is an important step towards The Eye Tribe's goal of making eye-tracking technology available for everyone. The Eye Tribe Tracker is a small hardware device with USB 3.0 that you can plug directly into your Windows PC, laptop or tablet.

"Next generation high resolution sensors allow us to provide a great eye tracking experience that will be fully comparable to other existing eye tracking systems, but in a smaller case and at a truly affordable price," says CTO and co-founder of The Eye Tribe, Martin Tall.
Together with The Eye Tribe Tracker comes a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows developers to easily integrate eye control into existing applications and games. It only takes a few lines of code to receive a real-time stream of on-screen gaze coordinates.

"We want all the best developers around the world to get The Eye Tribe Tracker and start developing games and applications with eye control. We expect to see whole new interaction concepts, when developers get their hands on our technology," says CEO and co-founder of The Eye Tribe, Sune Alstrup Johansen.

Initially The Eye Tribe Tracker will work for Windows only, but The Eye Tribe has already showcased their upcoming Android version, and all the core hardware components used in The Eye Tribe Tracker are suitable for integration into mobile devices.
"Soon, eye tracking will be seamlessly integrated into everyday products such as smartphones and tablets, but we want to be ahead of the curve to make sure that there are apps and games available when the technology is implemented in consumer devices," Sune Alstrup Johansen continues.

Developers should start considering how they want to utilize eye control in their games and applications. The Eye Tribe is now partnering with software and gaming companies to bring eye controlled applications and games to the consumers. First batch of The Eye Tribe Tracker starts shipping before the end of this year.

Watch the product launch video at www.theeyetribe.com.

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Eye Tribe starts taking pre-orders for $99 Windows eye tracker