Final Fantasy XIV releases iOS companion app

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|09.10.13

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Final Fantasy XIV releases iOS companion app
Final Fantasy XIV releases iOS companion app
You can take your favorite MMO on the go now, as long as that MMO is Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix has released Libra Eorzea, a companion app for the title, on the iTunes Store for free. The studio promises that an Android version is in development and will be coming soon.

Libra Eorzea offers two big features that tie into the game proper: a game database and a character profile viewer. The database can be stored on a player's mobile device to allow access to information regarding items, quests, achievements, and NPCs offline. However, the profile viewer requires an online connection and an account, and can view both the player's and others' character gear and stats.

The app also accesses players' friend lists, free companies, and linkshells. Square Enix says that it will be expanding Libra Eorzea to include more features in the future.
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