Stolen car with child inside tracked and found by Find My iPhone

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Stolen car with child inside tracked and found by Find My iPhone

Find my iPhoneBy now we've heard several stories about how Find My iPhone has allowed someone to recover a stolen iPhone, iPad or Mac. Today, that story gets a new twist because the app was instrumental in helping police track down a stolen car with a 5-year-old child inside.

As reported by ABC, a father's SUV was stolen in Houston last night when he ran into a store to quickly pick something up. When he came back out of the, his SUV was gone -- along with his 5-year-old who was in the back seat.

That would normally be enough to make anyone panic, but the quick-thinking father realized that his iPhone was also in the car, and as he still had his iPad on him, he opened up the Find My iPhone app to track the vehicle. The father called the police and used the app to relay the vehicle's location and route.

As Lt. Wayne Schultz from the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office told ABC News:

"The father had an iPad that he'd taken in with him and he utilized that iPad with the iPhone that was in the car and was able to track it. And the information was provided from our deputies to our dispatch, that was able to be communicated through the Harris County Sheriff's Office dispatch also and they were able to get information out to the troops in the field to where we could disseminate information in almost a real-time environment to put it out to guys who were looking for the vehicle with the child in it."

Fifteen minutes after the car was stolen, police stopped it, arrested the suspect and the child was found unharmed in the back seat.

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