GTA 5 companion apps offer custom rides, virtual pooches, interactive maps

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GTA 5 companion apps offer custom rides, virtual pooches, interactive maps

Need something to pass the time tonight while waiting for Grand Theft Auto 5? Developer Rockstar Games has you covered with a pair of free companion apps for its latest crime sim. The iFruit mobile app features two distinct portions with direct ties to your virtual criminal career, allowing you to customize your ride and train protagonist Franklin's rottweiler. Los Santos Customs lets you get crazy under the hood and in the body shop, tinkering with your ride until it's just right for either GTA5 or GTA: Online. Treat Franklin's dog Chop well enough in the pet trainer Chop the Dog, and he'll find hidden in-game loot for you. The iFruit app is iOS-only for now, but flavors for Android, Windows Phone and even PlayStation Vita are en route.

There's also an e-version of the game's manual, because Rockstar apparently couldn't squeeze the full 100 page-plus tome into print for the retail box. What's more, it features an interactive map, and is available now on the App Store and as a desktop app -- an Android version is "coming soon." Midnight doesn't seem so far away now, does it?

DNP Grand Theft Auto V companion apps offer pimped rides, virtual pooches, interactive maps

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