Bloomberg: Staples and RadioShack remove Amazon lockers from stores

Perhaps placing Amazon lockers right within the confines of a couple of its toughest competitors might not have been such a great idea after all. Several months ago, Staples and RadioShack agreed to add the online retailer's lockers inside a few brick and mortar locations so that Amazon customers could choose to pick up their goods at the store instead of missing a delivery, with the host retailer getting a small fee in exchange. According to Bloomberg however, Staples and RadioShack have now decided to yank the lockers from their stores. Staples claimed the Amazon deal "didn't meet the criteria" that was set up, while RadioShack stated that the lockers "didn't fit with its strategy." We can't say we're terribly surprised to see the rivals part ways, but hey, at least you can still find an Amazon locker in select 7-Elevens.

[Image credit: Adam Matan, Wikimedia Commons]