California lets kids erase 'Bieber Fever' phase from online past

Worried your tweenage web musings will tarnish your Harvard application? The Golden State is giving kids with less than perfect online judgment a clean slate. California Senate Bill 568 will require various online services offering access to minors the chance to remove all of the information they've posted. There's a hard deadline of 2015 for the option to kick in, but this isn't a catch-all: It only applies to content the user posts about themselves, not what a friend might tag them in. According to CNET, this only eliminates the public appearance of youthful folly, it doesn't nuke it from a company's servers; after all, the internet is written in pen. Regardless, this is an important step toward safeguarding kids (from themselves, mostly) of the post broadband boom-generation. Seriously, if you're reading this and are under 18, think at least three times before you post something on the internet. Trust us.