Google Search app for Android updated (update)

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Donald Melanson
September 25th, 2013
Google Search app for Android updated (update)

Today's the day for updates to Google's Android apps. The latest to get a revision is the company's main Search app, which sees a slew of new features and minor tweaks. That includes the ability to display a related website based on your current location, as well as offer sports and flight updates in realtime instead of on a 15-minute delay. Beyond that, you'll now be able to set reminders based on things like album or book releases, view event tickets from select websites, and see additional Smart TV cards (which require an actual smart TV) for news and music that's currently on your TV. Another feature that's said to be "rolling out gradually" is the ability to automatically tell others when you've left work. You can find the full rundown of all the new features (and the app itself) in the Google Play store.

Update: We'll have to cool our jets for now -- while there is a fresh APK for Google Search in the Play Store, it appears the features in the changelog are just hanging around from the last update. We'll let you know if anything new and interesting surfaces (with the pace of updates rolling out today, a Google change-tracker dashboard would be nice).

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