Wuaki.tv streaming video service exits beta in the UK

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Wuaki.tv streaming video service exits beta in the UK

The Rakuten-owned, web-based Wuaki.tv video service announced today it's officially ready for prime time in the United Kingdom. Following what the company's calling a successful beta launch earlier this year, which helped it lure in "tens of thousands" of new subscribers, Wuaki.tv appears ready to go head-to-head with streaming services like Lovefilm, Netflix and, thanks to its flexible pricing scheme, iTunes. Moreover, Wuaki.tv points out that being available in Spain, and now the UK, only marks the beginning of its plans for The Old Continent, where it is aiming to be "fully launched in main European countries by 2015."

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Wuaki.tv launches out of beta in the UK with an innovative "rules changer" message, supported by a high profile TV advertising campaign

· Wuaki.tv launches unique combination of new releases and subscription streaming service in the UK, following a very successful beta launch
· Wuaki.tv presents an innovative type of subscription service called "Selection", a human curation of high quality movies and TV shows refreshed on a weekly basis
· Launch supported by a high profile TV advertising campaign fronted by the first high jump athlete to jump backwards (Dick Fosbury)*, positioning Wuaki.tv as a "rules changer" in the media industry
· UK launch will be followed by further expansion to several new European countries by 2015.

London, UK, 26th September 2013 – Wuaki.tv, a leading movie and TV series streaming provider, today announced the Wuaki.tv service has officially launched in the UK, following an earlier beta launch.

Wuaki.tv launched in beta in June, and since then has attracted tens of thousands of new customers to the service in the UK. The company's catalogue boasts thousands of movies and TV shows from both Hollywood Studios and UK distributors, including the latest new releases. Wuaki.tv has also extended device support over the summer months, so users can stream movies and TV shows to PCs and laptops, tablets, Samsung smartTVs and through the Xbox LIVE service. Wuaki.tv will also be adding more devices before the end of the year.

Supported by an extensive TV advertising campaign, Wuaki.tv aims to become a game changer in the on-line entertainment industry. The UK launch is only the beginning of the European expansion. Wuaki.tv plans to be fully launched in several new European countries by 2015, with the support of parent company Rakuten.

Wuaki.tv's unique hybrid streaming model has led to strong success in its home market of Spain, and Wuaki.tv is now expanding this model to the UK. The hybrid model offers Wuaki.tv users a choice between a la carte rental or purchase of the latest blockbuster movies and TV series, or a monthly subscription to the Wuaki Selection service, offering unlimited streaming of an extensive selection of high quality movie and TV content, all from a single service.

Wuaki.tv believes this "Selection" of movies and TV shows is the key to its success. Unlike other subscription streaming services, a Wuaki.tv "Selection" subscription provides access to a hand-picked catalogue of blockbuster movies and TV shows that is regularly refreshed each week. Wuaki.tv believes a subscription should provide access to a quality selection of content that users want to watch again and again – rather than a high volume of content that is not viewed regularly. This, combined with the option to rent and purchase the latest blockbuster movies and shows, is what makes Wuaki.tv unique.

"Our unique hybrid model is what really sets us apart, along with the quality of the content we program every week in the Wuaki "Selection" comments Jacinto Roca, Founder and CEO of Wuaki.tv. "For us, quality if vitally important. We started Wuaki.tv with a clear objective to bring quality content to all households in an easy and affordable way. We really want to be a game changer for this industry, and try to reinvent the rules to better accommodate what customers really want from an on-line video service."

"We launched it first in Spain and now we're going to roll-out the rest of Europe – starting with the UK. We're not stopping there, and intend to be fully launched in main European countries, in addition to the UK and Spain, by 2015."

A Wuaki Selection subscription is priced at £4.99 per month as a special and unique launch promotion, providing unlimited access to the company's extensive and regularly-refreshed selection of great movies and TV series. New users can trial the Wuaki Selection service for free for the first month. Newly released titles available to rent and purchase are priced individually. For more details please visit Wuaki.tv.

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