The toon juggle

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The toon juggle
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I have a confession to make. I have played WoW since late 2006, and I have yet to get a second toon to max level, in any expansion. I'm not entirely sure what's made this nearly impossible for me -- I've certainly had multiple toons since the very beginning, but never took another one to max after I hit 70 on my night elf druid. Then I never took one to 80. Then 85. And now 90.

I have a few that are getting close, a paladin around level 83 or 84 right now, and a mage that has been steadily climbing over the last couple months and is now level 53. I would love to have a small army of alts. I dream wistfully of a self-sustaining pack of toons, who can farm and craft each other what they need without me ever having to drop 500 gold on a stupid gem ever again. Of course, even if I play madly until the next expansion comes out, I probably won't quite have that setup, but I feel like it's a reasonable long-term goal. Hopefully I'll achieve it within my next seven years of playing WoW, though.

As my toon army has slowly grown, though, I'm starting to notice something. I am terrible at managing alts. I figure it's because I've never really had to do it before, but take that mage I mentioned above. She's a scribe. This is great, because I can finally craft the glyphs I'm still missing for my main and for other toons, at least, so I thought. A lot of glyphs are only obtainable by learning them randomly from completing an ability on a 24 hour cooldown. While this isn't a bad thing in theory, in practice I constantly forget to log in every day and run the cooldown. This means that my level 53 mage is still working on her minor glyph research. I dread to think of how long it will take me to finish the major glyph research cooldown she'll get in Northrend. Maybe the reason I only have one max level toon is just that I can't keep up with any more of them!

I envy those of you who juggle your multiple toons with ease, readers. How do you do it? No really, do you make spreadsheets, do you keep lists? Share your secrets, pretty please?
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