Kickstarter to reunite original members of the Homebrew Computer Club more than doubles fundraising goal

A Kickstarter campaign to reunite the original members of the Homebrew Computer Club humbly began last week with a project goal of US$16,000. As of Tuesday afternoon, the Kickstarter campaign had easily eclipsed its $16,000 target with approximately $36,539 pledged from 353 backers.

This is particularly cool because event organizers previously indicated that if they reach the $30,000 mark, they'd be able to hire a professional photographer to document the event and license the photos under Creative Commons. If the campaign is able to hit the $40,000 mark by October 29, a professional videographer will be commissioned to create a "micro documentary" of the event.

What's notable about this Kickstarter campaign, aside from the fact that nerds are willing to plunk down big money in order to bring a group of famous nerds together, is that all of the Kickstarter incentives are completely sold out.

For example, users who pledged $4,096 or more were promised eight tickets to the event along with their company logo on the event program. There were three slots available for that top-tier incentive, and all sold out out rather quickly.

As for event details, the event will take place on November 11 and will feature "dozens of original surviving" Homebrew Computer Club members, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.