This young Steve Jobs action figure is insanely lifelike

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This young Steve Jobs action figure is insanely lifelike

Japan's Legend Toys is set to release a young Steve Jobs action figure that is insanely lifelike. As noted by CNET, the 12-inch figure of Jobs captures his likeness from the late 1970s and early 1980s, complete with his moptop haircut and a stunningly detailed 1:6-scale Apple I accessory.

This isn't the first time there's been a Steve Jobs action figure. I showed off one I obtained back in 2010, before Apple made the company cease sales of it. Then in 2012, Icons Productions announced Apple had threatened a lawsuit if it didn't stop selling its Steve Jobs action figure. So they did. As for the Legend action figure, the company told CNET that they have heard nothing yet from Apple, so plans to sell the action figure are still on.

"We think all the Steve fans will want to collect these historic symbols to remember him and to witness the history of the legend," a Legend spokesperson told CNET. "We think you can feel that we are not just making a commodity -- all our artists including sculptors, painters, tailors and all our staff are working wholeheartedly to recreate our spiritual mentor."

The young Steve Jobs action can be pre-ordered now for US$199.99.

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