Did you know that the iPhone 2G is a collector's item?

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When it comes to mobile gadgets, most tech junkies only care about the latest and greatest. If it's not cutting-edge, you might as well not bother, right? Well, not quite. It seems that the original, non-3G iPhone (commonly referred to as the iPhone 2G) has risen sharply in value after becoming obsolete. In fact, if you have a mint specimen you're willing to part with, you might be looking at US$1,000 or more.

Ever the pulse on current gadget values, the eBay "Completed Listings" page for the iPhone 2G is somewhat jaw-dropping. First, you have folks asking $5,000 or more for unopened units, which never sell. But there are several examples of "new" iPhones with open boxes going for north of $600, with sealed boxes successfully selling for as much as $1,999.

Unfortunately, these lofty figures are reserved for the cream of the crop, and if your device is in "Used" condition you can expect less than $100 for it. Still, it's extremely rare for a years-old phone to actually rise in value later in life. I mean, when was the last time you heard of someone paying $2,000 for a brand-new Motorola RAZR flip phone?

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