Kerbal Space Program update opens the R&D wing for business

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Kerbal Space Program has issued a new update, version 0.22, adding research and development functionality and scientific experiments to Career mode.

The data gathered through research and scientific experiments furthers the player's abilities by unlocking access to new parts for potential spacecraft and space stations. New experiment modules, running a variety of experiments accruing even more data, may then be built to conduct tests around all celestial bodies found within the Kerbal solar system.

This new functionality is available in the Career mode, where players can find a more structured introduction to Squad's indie space simulator's mechanics. Career mode is a new compliment to Kerbal Space Program's unguided Sandbox mode tasking players with building space craft and shooting them into space – a real trial and error game type that made up the foundation of the initial game.

The 0.22 update also adds a lot of other minor features and tweaks to the existing game. Feel free to pore over it all in the patch notes past the break. Kerbal Space Program, Steam's first Early Access game, is available for the PC, Mac and Linux for $23 – both through Steam and the official KSP website.

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Kerbal Space Program Adds Science Experiments, R&D In Update 0.22

Squad's Popular Space Agency Simulator Adds Important Features of its Career Mode

MEXICO CITY – Kerbal Space Program added major features in update 0.22, one of the most significant additions yet for the popular space agency sim game that is still in development by independent developers Squad. It is available now for players to install and new gamers to enjoy via Steam or on the Kerbal Space Program website for PC, Mac and Linux. Squad commemorated this significant update with a new animation and a gameplay trailer.

Among the most prominent additions with the new update is a major advancement in the game's Career Mode, which adds structure on top of the game's existing sandbox. Career Mode will ultimately enable players to manage all aspects of their space program: Hiring their own astronauts, doing Research and Development, building ships under a budget and taking on contracts to earn money and build their agency's reputation. Update 0.22 is the most extensive update to this mode to date, featuring the introduction of Research & Development to the Kerbal Space Center. This new feature challenges players to run science experiments that will help them accumulate data and expand their space agency's abilities by unlocking access to all parts. New experiment modules that can be attached to ships allow players to perform experiments across a wide variety of situations on or around all planets and moons in the Kerbal Solar System.

Other exciting new features include:

Updated Art for the Kerbal Space Center, including several new buildings
Subassemblies, which allow players to save and load pre-assembled components of a spacecraft, and use them in both the Vehicle Assembly Building and Space Planes Hangar, making construction a lot easier and flexible.
New suspension system for landing legs, creating more realistic and easier landings, as well as the ability to repair broken landing equipment
Continued upgrades made to Stability Assistance System (SAS) allow for better control, easier rocket flight experience
"Career Mode is going to change the way people play Kerbal Space Program and update 0.22 is a major advancement in making that possible," lead developer Felipe Falanghe said. "Science and R&D should provide a fun challenge for existing players while helping new players get into the game, by providing a way to gradually discover all of its content and possibilities. We're still not finished with Career Mode but this is definitely going to give people a very real understanding of what we're trying to accomplish. It's going to be a rewarding experience to see how players take on these new challenges."

Users can learn more on the KSP Forums. Fans of the game can join the KSP community on Facebook or follow on Twitter for regular updates to the game. Interested in seeing what's possible in KSP – join the game's official Twitch channel, KSP-TV, or check out its YouTube page for links to some of the community's best videos.