Hearthstone Highlight: Eaglehorn Bow

Matt Low
M. Low|10.24.13

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Hearthstone Highlight: Eaglehorn Bow

Hearthstone Highlight Eaglehorn Bow

We looked at Battle Rage from warriors last time. Today we're going to check out a hunter specific weapon called the Eaglehorn Bow. It gives the hunter 3 attack and comes with 2 durability. Namely, it can only be used twice before the weapon breaks. However, it has a special ability:

Whenever a Secret is revealed, gain 1 durability.

The Bow can stay in play longer whenever Secrets are triggered. This includes not just your Secrets but your opponent's secrets as well. That's 3 damage every time! The Eaglehorn Bow is a rare card and it might take you a few packs before you manage to pull one.

Playing with Eaglehorn Bow

When it comes to weapons, you can use them against minions or against your opponent (assuming there are no minions with taunt in the way). You need to have secret cards of your own to maintain durability. I suggest running a nice mix of Snake Traps, Explosive Traps, and Freezing Traps. Should you use them against opposing minions or go all in and deck your opponent? That largely depends on the game state. If they're low on health, start applying pressure to them directly. If there's an army of low health minions on the board, then start clearing out any threats that might be in the way or innocuous minions that might mean trouble for you later. You can only use it once per turn if you so choose by attacking with Rexxar. You don't have to use it. Sometimes the better play is to attack with it once and hold on to the 1 durability until you can deploy and reveal more traps. Just the threat of a free 3 damage will make most players think twice before putting out any low health minions. Just remember that when you're attacking a minion, that minion also deals damage to you. It might not be worth it to attack the 11/3 Gurubashi Berserker since you're taking 11 damage back the other way!

Playing against Eaglehorn Bow

The power of the Eaglehorn Bow is the potential longevity of it. The traps allow it to replenish the durability. If you're playing a hunter deck, run a Flare to help pop traps and starve the Bow of any durability. If you're not playing a hunter deck, then it's mostly tough luck! You're going to have to do a bit of trial and error. Remember that the Bow comes with only 2 durability. Force him to use the Bow on threats of your own by deploying taunt minions or minions that can't be left alone at all (aura minions like Timber Wolf or Raid Leader make great bait targets).

If you're looking for a simple deck to put together for Hearthstone, Eaglehorn Bow is an excellent card to build around. Definitely want to include two of it if you can. The next step after that is to load it up with traps (like the ones I suggested above). Stick to traps that provide you with board control or have a high probability of activating. After that, the rest is up to you. I've encountered hunter decks that rely on assorted beasts. Others go for an approach that overwhelms the opponent with Battlecry effects that create additional minions or Deathrattle effects that ensure the opponent gets penalized somehow.

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