Advertisement photo shootout finds iPhone 5s camera beats vaunted Nokia Lumia 1020

You've probably seen the Nokia Lumia 1020 ads with the neon-lit motor scooters being photographed with the smartphone, with a tag line that says the photos are better than you'd get from an iPhone 5s. Well, the guys from Laptop decided to check out the cameras in a number of real-life situations, and they found that the iPhone 5s camera roundly beat the capabilities of the Lumia 1020.

The team did 10 separate tests with identical lighting conditions and subjects. The iPhone 5s won eight of the tests (one was a tie), while the Lumia 1020 ended up winning three. What was the big difference? Well, the colors were more accurate on the iPhone, with the Lumia 1020 showing a blue color cast on a number of images -- even after a firmware update that was supposed to resolve the issue. Laptop also said that "Apple's device also excelled when delivering detail and contrast."

Laptop notes that the Lumia 1020 allows recomposition of images after taking a shot due to the 41-megapixel resolution of the camera, but the iPhone 5s "snapped better-looking images in a wider range of conditions." The Lumia offers the user the ability to manually adjust ISO, shutter speed, white balance and other settings, but the testers note that the iPhone 5s is a "better everyday smartphone camera" because you don't need to make those adjustments.