Make My MMO: Crowdfunding October 20 - November 2, 2013

Make My MMO Crowdfunding October 20  November  2, 2013

The news meter for crowdfunding keeps right on ticking. The last two weeks have seen a score of changes in the realm of community funding initiatives, with some titles experiencing success, others not meeting their goals, and even more joining the ranks. One big name in gaming, Brad McQuaid, is even planning on launching a campaign in the near future.

The zombie-centric The Living was unsuccessful, and Story Quest Online failed for a second time. Mixmaster Online removed itself from the field and canceled its campaign. On the other hand, 8BitMMO met its first stretch goal, ensuring that a Mac edition of that game will be available for players. And then there's City of Titans, which is climbing closer to doubling its goal with only two days left. Finally, there are all the progress updates for those already-funded campaigns, conveniently rounded up right here for you in Make My MMO.

Current Campaigns

Dream a little dream, get a little green, and before long you'll have your very own MMO... at least that's what these developers are hoping! Games seeking funding to make their plans a reality are listed in this section.

Citadel of Sorcery (MMO Magic, Inc.): Open donations, no end date

  • A vast, dynamic world where nothing is set in stone and each player will experience the game in very different ways

  • Massively interview

City of Titans (Missing Worlds Media): Kickstarter campaign ends November 4, 2013

Life is Feudal (Bitbox): Indiegogo campaign ends December 15, 2013

  • A sandbox with a seamless world, full terraforming, crafting, and more

  • Trailer

  • Campaign announcement

Neo's Land (NeoJac Entertainment): Open donations, no end date

Trials of Ascension (Forged Chaos): Kickstarter campaign ends November 23, 2013

Fully Funded

Success has its privileges, like a spot in this section! Games that have reached their crowdfunding goals and are in current development are listed here. Once a game reaches the closed testing stage, it will move to the hallowed halls of Betawatch.

Like few platforms before it, Kickstarter puts the power to determine the fate of fledgling MMOs in the hands of gamers themselves. Which will live and which will die? Check the pulse of all things crowdfunded in the MMO-sphere with Massively's MJ Guthrie every two weeks in Make My MMO. And for a look at non-MMOs in the crowdfunding realm, don't forget Joystiq's Crowdfund Bookie.