BitTorrent Sync beta 1.2 adds native iPad support, more

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John-Michael Bond
November 5th, 2013
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BitTorrent Sync beta 1.2 adds native iPad support, more

Since its release this past August, BitTorrent Sync has been picking up a heap of users, recently passing the 1 million mark. Today, BitTorrent has announced the beta for Sync 1.2, bringing expanded performance and capabilities to iOS devices.

Version 1.2 comes with a major speed increase for users whose internet connection will support it, with the app being clocked at 90 MB/s over LAN. In addition, the app's design has been updated for increased connection speed and compatibility with iOS 7. iPad fans are also finally getting their own native app. iOS devices that use Sync will find a new iOS feature set in the app that allows users to send and sync files while in other apps using Sync, as well as allowing media to be saved from your Sync folders to your camera roll.

You can find the download right now in the App Store.

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