More Connected Realms announced for EU

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More Connected Realms announced for EU
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The rollout of connected realms has been a little slower in the EU with only 3 connections made so far, but Blizzard has just announced a new batch of 13 connections. If you see your realm on this list and don't know what a connected realm is, it essentially connects two or more realms together so they behave as one. You can join guilds, enjoy a fuller auction house, and run raids with each other. If you have the same character name or guild name as someone from your connected realm, you will both be able to keep using your names.

I recently went through a realm connection myself and it completed without a hiccup. The problems some players on US realms Nesingway and Vek'nilash have experienced seem to be isolated incidents.

View the full list of realms after the break. Keep in mind there is currently no ETA for these connections.
  • Burning Steppes and Kor'gall
  • Mug'thol and Dethecus/Theradras
  • Temple Noir and Naxxramas
  • Crushridge and Emeriss/Hakkar
  • Sporeggar and Scarshield Legion
  • Vek'Lor and Arthas
  • Shen'dralar and Zul'jin
  • Haomarush and Dragonmaw
  • Chromaggus and Shattered Halls
  • Shattrath and Garrosh
  • Valvengyr and Nazjatar
  • Bladefist and Zenedar
  • Runetotem and Killrogg
Be sure to check out Blizzard's preview of Connected Realms to learn more about them.
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