Why you should take so-called "leaks" with a grain of salt

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Why you should take so-called "leaks" with a grain of salt
Fake WoW Leaks
It's that time again. We're at the end of an expansion life cycle, BlizzCon is just days away, and everyone is wondering "what's next?" We're browsing forums, looking at obscure sites in different languages, hunting for any hint of new information to sate our relentless appetites. For some people, the speculating is just as fun as finding out what the next expansion will actually turn out to be.

Rumors and fake leaks seem to pop up on a weekly basis. The latest trend among the rumormongers is to take pictures of their so-called leaks with a cellphone and run it through Instagram to give it more credibility. It sure looks a lot more real when you can't pore over the pixels to see just how good or bad their photoshop skills are.

Reddit user rpdj made an interesting post on /r/wow demonstrating how in a few simple steps he created the above image of a new playable race, the Terrorguard. Looks pretty convincing, doesn't it?

Sometimes we see something we like, and because we want it to be true we might give it a little more credibility than it deserves. It's fun to speculate, and maybe these images are just part of the whole process. There's nothing wrong with having a little fun, but just remember that in all likelihood what you're seeing is simply a fan creation.

Except for Corgis. Those are obviously confirmed.

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