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Report: Angry Birds Go! has $100 microtransaction in soft launch

Jessica Conditt
Jessica Conditt|@JessConditt|November 27, 2013 3:30 PM
Rovio's kart racing game, Angry Birds Go!, is heavy on microtransactions – including one in-game car that sells for $100, Pocket Gamer reports. The game is out in a soft launch in New Zealand, though it doesn't hit worldwide until December 11.

Angry Birds Go! is free-to-play with a classic mix of in-game currency: gems and coins. Players grab coins in races and use them to upgrade a kart's specs. Upgrading a kart increases your CC ratings, and the higher CC rating, the more tracks you can play. Gems are the premium currency, used to get more coins. Players can also buy gems with real money.

The standard cars can only be upgraded so far and the better cars cost real money, the site reports. The Big Bang Special Edition car costs $100 (though a picture on Pocket Gamer shows it costs $125). Buying the game's related real-life Hasbro toys, Telepods, can also unlock cars and game modes.

This is all based on the soft launch of Angry Birds Go!, so prices and processes are subject to change.
Report: Angry Birds Go! has $100 microtransaction in soft launch