Joystiq's Black Friday and Cyber Monday Bargain Roundup 2013

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Joystiq's Black Friday and Cyber Monday Bargain Roundup 2013

It's dangerous to shop alone, so take this – our regularly updated mega-post on the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals:

Best Buy GameStop
Target Walmart
The time of preparation is at hand. As globs of turkey, stuffing and aunt Brandine's weird ambrosia salad battle for dominance in your stomach, you must plan your Black Friday attack. Welcome to Joystiq's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals roundup post, where we've cataloged all the game-related savings we could dig up.

Remember that these summaries don't include every last detail of every retailer's deals. We recommend judicious clicking and further scrutiny of your preferred outlets based on personal preference, weather conditions and geographical proximity. You'll find sales for four of the major retailers below, with plenty of other deals after the break.

Be frugal, be safe and remember to watch out for aunt Brandine. She stops for no one.

Gaming boutiques and big box stores aren't the only retailers catering to consumer madness: ONLINE RETAILERS
Get your Black Friday shopping done while simultaneously eating cold turkey sandwiches on the couch: DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION PLATFORMS
Why let game boxes clutter your bookshelves? You need that space for Hummel figurines: HARDWARE-SPECIFIC BREAKDOWNS
While many retailers have their own console bundles, the Big Three console manufacturers have a few bundles that will be available at various retailers: MISCELLANEOUS SUNDRIES
You'll find all the Black Friday leftovers right here:
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