Engadget Podcast 371 - 12.4.13

Although a Thursday podcast led by a numb-tongued, Novocaine-laden Brian Heater would be hilarious, his dentist felt we should hit the airwaves a day early for the sake of clarity. News has been pretty slow due to the holidays, but that didn't stop Amazon and UPS from droning on about advances in airborne delivery systems. Google, never one to take a back seat on the future, also chimed in about its increasingly robotic potential. It's not just machines that humans have to worry about, though; Microsoft's Xbox One zombies popped up this past week to fend off the PS4 sales numbers, and real-life versions hit the streets to bite and crawl their way through Black Friday deals. So, to hear Terrence hem and haw about buying a discounted Moto X and Dana muse about the motives behind most drone orders, tune into this week's edition of the Engadget Podcast via the streaming links below.

Hosts: Brian Heater, Terrence O'Brien, Dana Wollman

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the podcast:

02:36 - Amazon Prime Air drones revealed on 60 Minutes, aim to deliver in half an hour
10:35 - UPS experimenting with delivery drones, set to challenge Amazon's Prime Air
13:19 - Google's next big project is robots, from the man who brought you Android
18:55 - Next Windows release reportedly codenamed 'Threshold,' set to further unify Microsoft operating systems
24:21 - Sony says it sold 2.1 million PS4s in November (update: Microsoft issues Xbox One statement)
31:27 - Hands-on with the YotaPhone: the e-ink Android phone that nobody expected
39:07 - Motorola botches Moto X Cyber Monday sale, offers buyers 'we're sorry' Wednesday
45:37 - Applebee's putting a tablet on every table, hopes to engage grease-covered fingers nationwide

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