GTA Online's DIY mission tools arrive this week, story DLC and co-op heists due in 2014

Just when we thought we were out, Rockstar Games pulls us back in. GTA Online's latest free content pack brings user-created races and deathmatches into the fray, and the developer says it could be out as soon as tomorrow. Rockstar promises that players can craft two flavors of deathmatch (free-for-all and team-based) and three types of races including standard, GTA Race and a rally variant. Perhaps most tantalizingly, the company's blog post teases "screaming jet dogfights" when mentioning race types. We can only hope that means F-16s and not Franklin's canine companion, Chop. The firm says it will keep an eye on the community creations and promote the cream of the crop via a Rockstar Verified Jobs designation, as well.

Rockstar also detailed some of its plans for the future of GTAO and Grand Theft Auto 5. GTAO is getting its own version of capture the flag later this month, and co-op heists are en route for next year; the Houser brothers promise that more info on the former will hit next week. As for GTA5, the outift says it has big plans for "substantial additions" to the single-player story. Now, why did we buy next-gen consoles again?